Transworld Systems calls individuals homes, family and business after being told not to do so.They call some 4-12 times per day every day in Texas using 4-12 different numbers per day. This company also continious to call those idivisal who have nothing to do with a debt even when told they have the wrong person and have agreed not to call, they just call from a different number over and over.

There are a good many law firms in Texas willing to take on this case under violation of the Texas Collection Act chapter 392 pro bono. Please check this out and act on it do not be threatend its your right and this type of abuse could exscuse you from the debt.

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COREA TRIAL GROUP, a Dallas-based law firm representing defrauded consumers in class action cases throughout Texas and the nation is investigating this company's business practices as being in violation of various state and federal laws. Too many consumers have had dealings withis company in such ways, as reported to us, which, if true, constitute actions in clear violation of the law and you may be entitled to legal relief and/or the payment of damages you have suffered.

If you feel you have been the victim of illegal business practices by this company, please contact is at: Contact@CoreaLaw.com


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Just becasue you tell them they have the wrong person, they should leave it at that? If it was that easy, then everyone would say that to get out of a debt.

The fact is that most of the debt are legit. The old saying a few rotten aplles spoil the barrel is 100% true in collections.

And most people who TRULY do not owe are understanding & work to correct the situation. The people who owe are the most defensive.


Erik, I was able to get them to stop, thanks for checking back in.

A good friend of mine has an uncle who is an attorney, not a consumer attorney, but he was still helpful.

We sent them a certified letter (my previous letter had not been certified) so that they couldn't deny getting it, with what I consider "a lot of fancy lawyer talk" typed up on his law office letterhead. About a week after sending it I stopped receiving calls.


if amy of you had a clue.

you have nothing better to do than type about things that are not happening or that you could easy stop. educate yourself.

it only takes a minute to stop things IF it is really happening.

most times it is someone that really owes money lying - thou protest too much. get a life.


Just checking back in--Dustin, have you had any luck getting ending the harassment via Former Collector's advice? He's correct, quite often, saying the "magic words" to an informed collector--even one practicing harassment--can stop the telephone calls. But it sounds like the company you are dealing with is not going to "cease and desist", especially if you've gone to the trouble to send the appropriate letter and there has been no end to the harassment. I again recommend contacting an experienced consumer attorney in your state. From what you've written, it sounds like there is a strong chance that this debt collector has committed several violations of the FDCPA. Please let an experienced attorney help you end the harassment!!!!

Best of luck,




I previously worked in collections. They can make contact with the debtor every 7 days according to the Fair Debt Collection Practices act.

Since you are not the debtor, what they are doing can definitely be considered harrassment.

If you get another call from them, here is what you should do. Answer the call, tell them that you are not the person they are looking for, and tell them they need to "CEASE AND DESIST." Use those exact words.

If they call you again, use those same words "CEASE AND DESIST." If they continue to call you, report them to the attorney general in your state, and get an attorney to represent you. As the previous poster said, you may be able to get someone to do it pro bono.


They call me anywhere from 3-5 times a day, and the debt they are trying to collect isn't even mine. About a year ago I had a roommate for 1 semester before he moved back to California, I would say the guy and I were friendly acquaintances at best, mainly just roommates, and I haven't heard from him since he moved out.

Then one day about 6 months ago these Transworld Systems clowns call up looking for him, I informed them that he doesn't live here anymore, gave them his cell phone number but warned them it might not be active anymore as it was a Texas number and he had moved back to California. They called me back and let me know that it in fact didn't work, and asked if there was any other way to get in touch with him. I have no clue of any other way, he didn't leave a forwarding address because he never got his mail sent to our apartment. This guy started getting snotty with me and said that was "very convenient", asked if I was sure I wasn't the guy they were looking for (I was sure) then started to press me on how "we" were going to solve this. I let him know that it was his job to figure that out and not "ours". We got into a shouting match because I was apparently being rude, but in my opinion he was being rude first, I ended up hanging up.

Not long after that they started calling me on a daily basis, going so far as to ask me for a credit card number so they could "confirm my identity" and know for sure I wasn't my ex-roommate. I let them know that wasn't going to happen so they might as well forget it. In more recent calls they have asked me to straight up pay the guys debt because in their mind I have a shared responsibility in this. I checked, and just because the guy payed rent to live in my apartment I am not responsible for any debts he may have racked up. I asked them what it was even for and they told me it was confidential. So it's confidential, but they want me to pay for it, yeah right.

So now they call several times a day from several different phone numbers, sometimes they leave a message, sometimes they don't, sometimes it's actually a person calling other times it's an automated thing with a message to call them back.

I don't know how to get them to leave me alone. I read that you can send a letter informing them to stop calling and they are legally bound to do so, but I sent that out a month ago and still no stoppage in the calls. It's getting pretty annoying, especially when I work late nights and they start calling at 8am when I'm trying to sleep. I don't answer it, but the ringing phone is still a pain.


Great tip off to other consumers that might be suffering abuse and harassment from Transworld. I am a consumer attorney (but in Florida, not Texas) and you are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT that there are consumers rights lawyers in Texas that will help you fight this company, pro bono.

It is against federal law to harass consumers in an attempt to collect a debt! You have rights-- it sounds like they are violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act in more ways than one.

To find a consumer lawyer in your area of Texas, you can go to www.naca.net and use their "Find an Attorney" page. Best of luck fighting these abusive debt collectors.

Sincerely, Attorney Erik Kardatzke


to DebtDefenseLaw #599076

These posts are hilarious...How does it feel to be chasing and trying to reward deadbeats 80% of the time? You guys must really suck at being a real lawyer

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