On 11/5/09 I recieved a call from a private number. I answered and waited for the phone to bring a humans' voice.

It was a very rude man asking me about a bill. I am presently unemployed. He was very ignorant to my situation. All I requested was there a place online I could pay my bill or just send me a notice.

He was very rude and I hung up on him.

I'm not a child and he had no right addressing me in the manner he did. I am very upset.I would never recommend this company to anyone.

Monetary Loss: $366.

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Transworld Customer - maybe you should not let your employees make decisions affecting your business and customers. obviously she had no business sense.


We simply asked for proof to be mailed to us that we owed the bill and the ammount. They said they had mailed 1 notice and we could not get any other info by mail for verification.

We never got a mail notice. But they were demanding our bank account info and very rude.

Chula Vista, California, United States #166461

Transworls is the best company ever to deal with. No one can get debts collected like they do.

Laurie Eastman is all customer oriented and will bend over backward to help the hand that feed you. She is remarkable and everyone with receivables should be talking to her


Being nasty isn't their job. Their job is to collect a debt.

Sometimes they resort to being nasty to do so, but they aren't professional a-holes. And there are laws that keep them from being too abusive. From what I've read the problems with TSI aren't just them being rude to people who they are trying to collect from, but being rude to people who aren't even the person who owes the debt, unethical business practices, and as in my case, trying to charge me more than what was owed, which is illegal. And for simply suggesting that the balance was wrong I got screamed at.

From my own experience, the experiences of others I have read, and even some experiences from people who have hired them, I would say you picked the wrong company to collect debt for you.

However par for the course here is TSI employees to come on here and insult people and defend TSI. So I would imagine that you didn't hire them, but you in fact work for TSI.


People are naturally gonna hate getting collection calls, but obviously a debt was reported to them!

If you think the debt is wrong call the reporint party not TSI lol. Our comapny can go online and stop or continue any call to any debtor in 30 seconds.

Also I want them to be nasty to people I think skipped on my bill. I dont have time or patience to be nasty like they can. When I hired them being nasty was basically the reason for hiring them. THAT IS THEIR JOB.

If you TRULY are unfairly billed well take it up with biller it is not their fault, and if you owe the money *** pay it you loser.


I don't think there's any need to insult people over anything like this. Just because you have a bill that is turned over to a collection agency doesn't mean you're a deadbeat. I had 2 hospital bills go to collection. The first was because the hospital was mailing bills to my physical address and not my P.O. box, so I didn't get the bills, and they never tried to call. I didn't hear anything about it until Transworld called me. I had another bill from a different hospital, and I was paying the hospital directly, $100 a month, never missed a payment, suddenly one day I found out it had been turned over to a collection agency. I never got an answer why, although I'm assuming they wanted me to pay more, but I'm a full-time student, and although I do work I have a lot of bills and $100 a month was all I could afford, and that's all the collection agency is getting from me. So there are ways your bill can go to collections without being a deadbeat.

As for Transworld, I didn't really have any problems with them until recently. I've been paying them $150 a month, and I've been keeping records of what I paid, and when. I've been begging for some sort of receipt of payment, or a statement, but never got one. They alway say they sent it, but they haven't. I got kind of fed up and asked them to fax it to me. They said they did, but I didn't get it. So I wasn't surprised when I called and asked for a balance the amount they showed me owing was about $200 more than what I actually owed. I tried to bring it up and the guy snapped and started yelling at me, said I was trying to get out of my responsibility and making all kinds of offensive comments toward me. And this guy was REALLY yelling at me, the phone was rattling in my ear the guy was yelling so loud, until he just wasn't there anymore. I don't think he hung up, I'm sure a supervisor or somebody diconnected him, as the next time they contacted me it was not the same guy I had been dealing with for months. This time when I brought it up they denied it, but I let them know that I had my complete records in the form of bank statements to prove what I had paid, they said they would get back, and when they did they admitted it was an error on their part.

Now in my life these are the only two collection agencies I've dealt with, and since I've had no problems with the other one, I can't say that they are as bad as Transworld. The other one does call me from time to time and ask me if I can pay more, but they always take no for an answer. Many of the comments I've read along with my own experience lead me to believe that Transworld has some serious problems. Especially after reading some of the comments by Transworld employees. Everybody should know there are laws that these people have to follow, and you should read up on them. I'm not saying you'd be able to win a lawsuit, or maybe you could but it wouldn't be worth the hassle, but you can call them out on their behavior and practices.




Transworlds is a horrible company that we should of never got involved with.

My grandmother is a small business owner and was convinced to sign up for 50 "debt recovery licenses" for a flat rate of 12$ per account. Sounds great!

Well the representitive was real nice and a great to talk to untill after we signed up. She conviced our secretary to sign up ANYONE in our system that had a past due balance, most of our past due accounts date back to 2005 and have all ready been collected as a loss on our taxes so it's a waste of time.

After we had all these accounts in the system however our wonderfull rep LAURIE EASTMAN, is impossible to contact. I've tried to contact her several times to explain that there was a mistake and we do not want to go after anyone who's account is over a year old, we don't expect a refund but please just don't persue them. Turns out that's going to cost us half of the past due balanace! The reason being? Apparently the 12$ flat rate is just for them to mail a god *** letter, no garentee it will even make it. Even though the rep swore they would back track the customer.

Oh also we have one ligitimate account we would like to collect on however. The problem is this tennet happens to have the same first name has his father, and at the time the account was open he was living with his parents. I included that information in the file so they might be able to use it to track do *John Doe JR*, and despite several written and verbal request to transworld NOT TO contact *MR/MS John Doe SR* they refuse to listen. I get a call from this poor elderly couple every few weeks saying they got another harasing phone call from transworld. We would gladly cancel it and forget the $4500 John Doe JR owes us, however that would COST us $2250.

If you are a small business looking for a company to help you with collecting some of your past due accounts, please look to another source. Our company is ashamed to be associated with them at this point, we have stopped submitting new accounts to them and are just going to let the other 25 expire well we try to sort out the mess we are in now.


If you were in front of me and addressed me the way you did some people that are trying to get there lives back on track, I would torture your *** you little ***.


Grow up people. This debt agency is fraudulent.

If you work for them, I suggest you get a law abiding job.

One that doesn't make up fake debts and bully people that own them NOTHING.

This bogus collection agency, also can't even get the right person's phone number, and their loser emplyee's keep calling anyways. :(


Boohoo, you're through. You're *** just did an illegal to a legal agent.

Want to discuss boohoo?

As for get a job fool, some of us stay home and take care of our ill family members. Want me to go to work and put the government bill on you.

Get a life. You need one


Boohoo, you're through. You're *** just did an illegal to a legal agent.

Want to discuss boohoo?


Boohoo...you obviously are one of those people that give debt collections a bad name. I had to lay off people at my company.

These individuals were hard working very educated and capable of doing any job but the cost of keeping a company running is very expensive recently so unfortunately lay offs have to occur. I am currently in talking with Transworld about consulting with them about these situations and complaints. If I were to find out that you were working for this company, I would have you removed from your position and you would be out their without a job.

People who are educated have very expensive loans and quality of life expenses...individuals who have nothing in life except a few bills and an old beat up car or maybe a motorcycle have no idea of what it is like to have overwhelming debt.

I am glad for you that you don’t have a great amount of debt but that will never give you or anyone else for that matter the right to speak to people like you just spoke to this person. If someone like you called me in reference to a outstanding debt and you spoke to me the way you spoke to this individual as I stated earlier you and everyone else like you will be in her same position very soon and bill collectors will; be calling you and who knows, you may be fortunate enough to have someone with your same outlook handling your collections


Oh thats so sad youre unemployed. NOT

Get a job and pay your bills you ***.

No bill collectors harrass me, guess why? I PAY MY DEBTS! If I lose my job I get another one!

Just because you are too *** to get a job doesnt meant the company you borrowed money from shouldnt be paid back, thats your problem not theirs. Deadbeat!

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