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I had surgery in October 2010 and owed the surgeon a $250 copay which I made arrangements to pay in two payments and I made the agreed upon payments. Around the time of my second payment, the surgery center closed its doors.

Well after my second payment had been processed, I received a collections letter from Transworld Systems for $112.50. The letter listed a toll free number for Transworld Systems, an address to write for disputes, the surgery centers address (now closed) and the surgery centers phone number (disconnected).

Colorado law requires that debt collectors provide a means to call the collection agency to obtain information on the status of the debt. Transworld's toll free number is just a recording that directs you to contact the creditor listed on the letter. There is no way to leave a message or speak with anyone regarding the debt. This violates Colorado law.

I located Transworld Systems phone number on this forum and called it. The first person I spoke with refused to look anything up and insisted I write a letter disputing the debt. When I said this violated Colorado law she hung up on me.

The second time I called, the person I spoke with gave me another number to try for the surgery center and then transferred me to a Transworld collection agent. This person also refused to give me information. When I pointed out that Colorado law required them to give me the information he also hung up on me.

I then called the new number given to me by Transworld Systems for the surgery center. This turned out to be a company that was given the surgery centers accounts to collect when they closed down. They apparently use Transworld Systems to send letters to debtors.

When I pointed out that Transworld was in violation of the law for collection agencies, she tried to excuse it by saying "Well they are not a collection agency, they just do billing letters. Transworld's letter starts out with the wording, "This letter has been sent to you by a collection agency."

When this new person looked up the debt, she stated that it showed that it was paid in full and she would contact Transworld Systems to have them quit trying to collect the debt.

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