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TWI sued my business (Monterey) for $250 in Rohnert Park with some *** lawyer named Anthony "Give Boys" Head. Wasn't worth traveling 200 miles to fight.

They got judgment, had Monterey sheriff enforce it. Despite the fact that a business is not normally allowed to sue out of the defendant's jurisdiction. TWI employees are busy answering all the internet complaints, saying "You should have read the contract", which TWI composed, and presumably voids this legal right.

I'm glad their reputation is being exposed here and all over the internet. They never pursued true deadbeats with such aggressiveness.

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My main problem is that TWS sued in Santa Rosa while my business is in Monterey. I believe I was in the right, but because they went around the law (filing suit there, not where I live, which is California law), it meant travelling 200 miles to adjudicate, not worth $250.

That's abuse by TWS, their unethical lawyer, and the good ol' boy legal system.

Need a collection system? Do so locally.


I'm gonna guess this is the real story here: Sounds like Transworld called the debtors you turned over to them, the debtors probably called you (most debtors would prefer to pay the original creditor rather than an agency) and you said it's ok to pay you and not them and that you would just notify the agency. Then you thought that because the debtor paid you directly that you didnt have to pay your contractual split back to Transworld because they didn't actually collect it.

Even though they did what they were supposed to do, and you didn't say to the debtor "sorry it's out of my hangs, but yes I did turn the account over they will notify me when you have paid it." That's the only possible explanation here, otherwise the agency would have cut a check to you for the $250 because they would have collected it and paid it out to you. Instead you pocketed 100% the money that their calls achieved for you and then decided not to follow through on your contract which most likely states you have to split at whatever % the contract was a portion of whatever money is collected once they start calling.

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