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Due to Transworld Systems refusal to contact us after they have sent out collection letters we had canceled their services. We continue to recive notices that they are continuing with collections even after we have told them to cease all collections.

They have even collected on amounts with out prior contact or approval.

Even after my Boss calls them and tells them to stop collecting and that we will not seek their services they continue.

We are trying again to have them stop collecting and contacting our customers but they still will not listen. We will never recommend this company to anyone.

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This company has some of the most unprofessional employees.In a less than two minute conversation with John at Transworld he told me there was a $8 dollar processing fee to collect my money.

Then when I asked if I could settle for a lesser amount he said NO NO NO. I could tell he wasn't having a good day so I asked to speak to a manager. John said NO that he told me everything I needed to know and they DO NOT transfer to managers or supervisors. I really hope transworld listens to my taped conversation because, I also taped the conversation.

I mentioned to John that I didn't have a job after 30 years of working and being self employed and didn't receive unemployment benefits. I ony have $115 that was borrowed from a family member and that is all I had. I did mention that I could not make payments for the rest at a later date, because I could not even feed myself and I was relying on the same person that lent me the money to feed me. Talk about kicking someone when they are at their lowest.

Then when his so called manager got on the phone(which I tought was weird since he told me before that he could not transfer me) that manager told me the same. The collection was for $165 dollars and they could not settle for $115. After paying my taxes for all those years and going through a tough time of not being employed this is what it comes to. I guess I should not eat and end up on the streets so I can pay that extra $50.

I have read so many...

I DO NOT want a hand out I am asking for a solution.GOD BLESS AMERICAN COMPANIES!!!!

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My manager not only talked to the sales rep but also their supervisor. I find it hard to believe that the rep could not understand to not do anything with out our consent and to not go beyond sending letters with out contacting us for our approval.


Did you contact your Sales Rep? This sounds like miss communication.

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