I rec'd an e-mail from Joseph Burke regarding an employment opportunity at Trans World Systems. If I knowingly did not apply for the job and you have contacted me after finding my resume online, you can bet I'm not responding to your bogus sales job opportunity.

After reading all the complaints from the "pissed off" consumers, why the *** would I want to even work for your company?? Let me make this perfectly clear, I DID NOT apply with or contact in any way, Trans World Systems, nor would I ever apply for a sales job since I am not a sales person, and you would have known that looking at my resume! I believe this to be a collection tactic, not a potential job opportunity.

I'll take my chances and continue to seek employment in a career I'm more suited for and where I can utilize my talents more effectively! I'll make sure I save the e-mail and the recorded message they left on my phone, with my attorney.

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Livingston, Texas, United States #937297

There is a principle that will forever keep one in a state of ignorance. That principle is contempt prior to investigation.

I have worked as an independent contractor (which is what the oppty is) for 15 years.

Well,if you are looking for a J O B this is not for you, but if you want to change your life, and you like helping other people get what they need and want, you stand to make a lot of money.

Not for the faint of heart. For Business Owner Mentality or (potential) only.


Happy in Texas

Duluth, Georgia, United States #905490

My 2nd email came today from "Doug Hills", and was a pretty strong sales pitch for me to watch the 30 minute video and then call him to make an appointment. After reading the comments on this page, Doug's email is about to be in the trash. Thanks to all for the insight.


It's not an easy job but it pays well. You have to be willing to work hard to make it.

Not recommended for people who consider themselves Christian.

You will have to pursue people and harass them to collect usury. If your an atheist its a good gig.


I have worked with Transworld Systems for almost 5 years.

New reps do not have to pay to get the job

Managers have GIVEN me accounts, not took them away from me.

All reorders belong to ME

Of course, you do have to WORK, which seems to be the gripe that most of these nay-sayers have with it. Who every built a successful business without hard work?

I LOVE my sales career with Transworld Systems and LOVE this company.


so sad to see that they would take advantage of anyone trying to better themselves ... trying to look for a job. take your resume off careerbuilder and all that because according to the BBB-better business bureau, it makes you vulnerable to these kind of scams.


:roll I just received an email from these people followed by an automated call. What annoys me the most is I don't even apply for these jobs. Ever since I opened up a careerbuilder account I get no legitimate calls or responses, just spams and scams


I've been working with TSI for over two years now. I have to say it's been a positive experience.

I make a great income and receive lots of support and encouragement from my manager, regional, and DVP. I wouldn't work anywhere else. The company has integrity, they do what they say they are going to do. I have received all the monies I have earned.

This is not a career for the faint hearted. You will have to work!

But the rewards are great. I'd say this opportunity fits people with gumption and a burning desire to succeed.


Just got the call too ... Thank Gosh I looked this up!!! Running


Got their e-mail last week. Thanks for the info. I won't be contacting them.


I was intrigued by the opportunity and saw a lot of potential in it. After several days I think three trips an hour away I was denied employment because he didn't think it the right time for me.

If anything I felt it was inconsiderate of my time to chase a rabbit trail. But I really think I was over qualified for the job. Even though I was ready to rock I was denied the opportunity. I suppose the manager figured that I was not interested in working for free and had enough integrity to let me down gently before I got into it.

However, though I never worked a day for them I believe like any other business it will work if you work it. There is no way a company can stay in business and cheat and rob people especially the ones that work for them.


So glad I found this...I was told after my first interview to call back the next day at 3:00 to learn if I would be invited back for a 2nd interview.At that time, I was told that they made me wait because they had to narrow down to 15 possible candidates from 100.The 2nd "interview" was just a misinformation session during which we were told that we would have to pay 95$ for business cards and training materials.The recruiter said he was glad for that beause if we didn't want to pay 95$ that we really didn;t want to work there, and if we couldn't afford it, we weren't suited to work there.Talk about psychological manipulation!


Transworld System, TSI, or Green Flag Sales Reps beware! The product is apparently good, but it is the Sales Reps that are being SCAMMED...First they bring you in a group interview and talk about how much money you can make and about the growing market...if you are money motivated you decide to move forward and take the job...They then tell you to get involved you have to PAYmoney upfront in the amount of $150 to $200 dollars. If you set an appointment, some managers may go with you, they get 50% of your commissions...so if you get a deal that they made the presentation they will take 50% of your money and ON TOP OF THAT they keep the deal, it's not your client, it's theirs...so when the client renews they get the deal...you get nothing..So...the only way you get any help is if you are willing to share 50% of your earnings on deals you bring them in on...THEY HAVE DEVELOPED THE PERFECT BIRD DOG SYSTEM FOR THEM...you are the bird dog, you go out and spend your gas money, your car, your cell, your time and sales experience and then you ask them to help you close the deal and they get to keep 50% of the money...and the deal on top of that...SALES REPS 'BEWARE' OF THIS COMPANY...they are not here to HELP you but to TAKE FROM YOU and USE you as their personal birddogs or hunters..they constantly hire reps and use them to pad their pockets...RUN>>>RUN from this company


I just received an e-mail from this company in Charlotte. While trying to research their company, I came across several postings about questionable work practices & ethics.

I am grateful for the posts on this site.

This is not the kind of company I want to be associated with. I have higher morals & values than those of Transworld Systems.


I am wondering if there are any ex-TSI Reps out there, that feel TSI duped them. Did you sell an account and your manager took the commision?

Were you expected to sit in the ofice and make 100 phone calls a day plus knock on 40 Doors? Were you expected to turn in your activity reports, turn in your appointment records? Did your manager ever take your appointment from you, using the info from the appt record?

Were expected to sit through meetings every mon and thur mornings? In the office I worked in, I was treated like an employee, not a 1099...I would like to hear from you experinced any of the same treatment


I once worked for Transworld Systems. After being required to report to the office, fill out appointment records, and turn them into the Manager I figured out the game. I was being duped into conning all the incoming new sales Reps to drink the Kool-Aid. I couldn't do it.

Anybody considering working for Transworld Systems please contact a former employee and get honest feed back.

Transworld Systems is set up to enrich the Managers, Period... Your manager won't tell you this because they are the ones being enriched. Do Not be fooled by Managers telling you they want you to succeed. They could care less. Once you get a large order or stop producing they will find reason to get rid of you and take your accounts... They want you to leave. All Managers don't operate like this but 95% of them do. You can get a gauge for an office by the number of active Reps there(the more Reps the better the office).

Believe it or not a large number of the Reps who have been there for over two years would like to leave but they can't because they would lose their hard earned accounts to their managers. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere for employment.

Metamora, Michigan, United States #207197

I was also contacted, glad that people take the time to warn others!

I would never work for a Company like this!


How many people would sign a contract with TSI if in the introduction “interview” they were told the facts like...

• You will need savings sufficient to get you and your family through the first 12-24 months.

• Your commissions initially are only 25%, and eventually go to only 30%, not the 30% and 35% TSI claims.

• You need sales experience with a background in selling to healthcare, hospital conglomerates, and independent medical practices to survive.

• Your direct mail and automobile expenses will average about $400 to 500 a month if you expect to make the necessary in roads to succeed at your prospecting.

• There are only 30-40 individuals in the entire company that make more than $150,000 a year. The average sales rep that survives the first two years can expect to make about $45,000 a year.

• Although you will be construed to be an independent contractor with TSI, all clients that you sign up and are responsible for servicing are owned 100% by TSI. So you have no book of business to own, the business defaults to your Manager once you leave the company.

• It will take between 150 and 200 ongoing clients in your portfolio with TSI to generate sufficient Phase II income on a monthly basis to survive financially, unless you can get 6 or more clients that need between 5,000 and 10,000 account systems a year.

• The only financial information that will be shared with you during your tenure is that which can be used to further motivate you to compete with each other and with other TSI offices. The financial information on operational results for the company, your office and other offices will not be disclosed.

• The clients you get are yours in name only and until you become a member of the Manager's club they belong to TSI.

. Managers are notorious for taking sales reps clients and firing them so that the Managers get the financial rewards of the sales reps hard work.

. TSI's Dirty Little Secret is when your Manager brags about his book of business, it is 95% made up of clients of sales reps he either fired or they decided to quit because they could no longer afford to work without pay.


just got a call myself. Even though I am looking for a job I have paid all my bills on time.

But with all i have learnt on this page I won't return their call/email


Thanks for the info folks. Bad enough the times are hard out here and then you have to deal with this buch of scamers.

As for Pay your bills person... May you be so lucky never to loose your home, job and industry.

Think before speeking. Majority of people pay their bills.


I came to this so called Company in January of this year it took me a while to figure out that TSI trolls on people for reps that are victims of the recession I came from Real Estate and the others in my group came from constrution,real estate, food industry, computer technology, etc. The managers (Hah) are trained to follow the economies victims and hire them.They are all money potentials for them.

Here is another joke, I was rapping up my last real estate deal and received a phone call and nobody was in the room and I answered my cell and I was told by V.M. in Las Vegas by the way not to conduct any other business in the office other than TSI to go outside that was like my 3rd day there, here's the punch line as time went on her boyfriend came into the office everyday which he worked for another Company and was there everyday using TSI's paid for office and equipment did you hear that TSI. She is the worst manager I ever had. She is very rude and calls it blunt there is a difference between the 2 you know.It doesn't take an Einstein to figure out their approach to making money.

Also, I was told by rep Dwight that she was entering his voiemail in the early hours of the morning searching for leads. No selling manager should have access to all the leads let alone take from others. I was quite disappointed when I really started HOT KNOCKING and discovered how angry people were with V.M.

and the leads you get are those of past customers that dropped off because of lack of support by V.M. What is TSI thinking or are they just like her?

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