My wife and I were contacted by TSI in regards to our son's delinquent account with his former university. They informed us that they needed a full payment of over $2000 immediately or legal action would be taken against him.

According to the FDCPA, threatening legal action is a major violation and cause, in turn, for action to be taken against the collector.

We then called the university and set up a payment plan with them, and they have considered the matter resolved, with a contact for payment in the mail and monthly payments set up to be paid online.

When I informed TSI of these arrangements, they told me that we were still obligated to pay them and that the university was wrong, and that legal action would be taken against us in four to five days.

We have the matter resolved with the original creditor, and the collection agency can take their threats and "buffalo-style" collection practices and stick em where the sun don't shine.


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Palm Desert, California, United States #899747

I have had seven sugeries for cancer in the last year and have had my doctor fill out medical forms for the EDU that they requested saying that l would either loose my limb or never have the use of it again. EDU still turns my file over to a collection agency that calls and harrasses me and threatens to take leagld action.


Transworld systems call me, 8:05am...

The person on the other end of the phone has a foreign accent. The connection must be from a 3rd world country through an internet telephone setup. This screams cheap.

Cant understand the girl talking, its like every 3rd word is garbled. They ask questions, I dont know who they are, I tell them "what is the nature of this call"...then she says "I am going to transfer you to an agent-this call may be monitored"...

Some guy gets on the line...sounds american. I ask where are you calling from...the guy said someplace in Indiana. Funny how my caller ID shows "unknown caller" and a local phone number with my area code.

Fact is, they just broke the law. They hacked the caller ID. They gave me the name of some other person, and then, they gave me his address when they asked if I lived there. Its a local!!

I got a hold of the guy. I gave him my information and the info about the call. He went wild, really pissed that Transworld Systems would make collection calls to strangers, and give his name and address out like that.


I received a letter from Transworld Systems Inc.myself today for an insurance debt that THEY were supposed to bill to a secondary source.

The envelope says "TRANSMITTAL" on the front and very much looks like junk mail. I almost threw it away, but I'm glad I opened it. Also, it says you have 30 days to dispute it. The letter was written on the 4th, and I received it the 11th.

The city it came from is two hours away.Nice.


I just received a letter from TSI, saying they represented my health insurer and I needed to repay $9,084 that was sent to me.problem is, I endorsed the check and sent it to the medical provider, which is what I was supposed to do.

The provider's billing company confirms that the money was indeed sent to them and deposited.

Problem is I can't get through to the insurer, due to this past long weekend, to find out why they want it back from me and not the provider.Of course, no phone number for TSI either.


These people are fly by night *** artist.somehow they find people you owe and then they try to collect from you.

I told them who ever was collecting from me needed to sue me because I wasn't paying them or TSI. (The name should tell you something~~~~ T-R-A-N-S-W-O-R-L-D! DON'T TRUST ANYONE ON THE PHONE, GET YOUR NAME OFF ALL BILL PAYMENTS ON THE COMPUTER AND DEFINITELY DON'T GIVE YOUR CHECKING ACCOUNT INFO TO ANYONE. I was hacked and lost alot of money.

The foreigners are taking over our country....close the borders......send them all back home.They don't give a S**t about you........


I am furious that the YMCA refered me to a collection agency, Transworld. I had no idea that I owed them any membership dues. I certainly wasn't intending to withhold dues from them.

I will see if I can approach the YMCA myself, see if it's true from them and not from Transworld that I owe this money. If that is true, I will pay YMCA and ask them to tell Transworld that they themselves have been paid and to Transworld nicely to go away and leave me in peace.

I am almost ready to cancel my membership with the YMCA as I do not take well to this kind of adversarial relationship involving unwanted 3rd parties like collection agencies.


Well, they got their payment because I dont want to put up with the BS.I blame the company that turned me over.

They burned my daughtes chin putting sealants on her teeth and promptly said..."it just itches a little" and billed me outrageously when I specifically said I wanted to know the portion my insurance pays so as to NOT have a outstanding bill.Of course I quit going there but not til they got 800 out of pocket from me.


I work at Transworld, very sorry if that collector was rude. Just like any business, some employees don't represent the company well. If I can clarify anything about our system/FDCPA i'd be glad to.

Again, sorry and have a great day!

Michael Tarrant (901-326-5178)

to Michael Tarrant Fort Myers, Florida, United States #618156

If you work for Transworld and payed the $150.00 to be an independennt contractor and receive a 1099 form for taxes how are you or any "collectors" who work for them emplyees?

to Michael Tarrant #1367119

Oh come on.You are totally a fake employee trying to scam more people by having them call you and tell them to tell you the problem and how you can easily eradicate this debt by one more simple payment.


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