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I have an account through another company that i owe money to. I have worked out my account with them and an understanding of how much is due.

Susan King from Transworld decides to harrass me on a daily basis saying that i owe more money than is actually owed to the company. I have explained to her several times that the account is being taken care of and had the company send her a letter signed by the manager stating how much i owe and that obviously isn't good enough for her because she still calls early in the morning and threatens me. I finally decided to ignore her calls and continue to pay as agreed to the company until paid in full.

Susan King seems to think this is a personal vendetta against her for some reason. It makes me wonder why she works there if she gets that upset about other consumer's bills.

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Doubtful- Transworld has to abide by the laws governing collections just like any other company but I guess Transworld is just like bottom feeders that operate out of buffalo. Oh that is right NCO owns transworld No wonder.

Whoever out there is receiving calls from transworld inform them you are going to record the conversation. Make sure you have documented proof form the collection company that they validate the debt.

2nd off they cannot call you to harrass you over and over again. (this is the reason to record your conversations) if they do harrass you file a complaint with the FTC, your state attorney general, their residing state Doing business attorney general, and the BBB.


Well, such an insightful comment posted from "doubtful" on my complaint about Transworld. Sounds to me like you're some suck up for the company who obviously must be employed for or with a company just like them according to your response.

You are doubtfully the most out of touch person so far. I didn't deny and have never denied owing them money. It's the way a company goes about it that makes me wonder how they can still be in business. I don't respond to threats or immaturity to get things done.

So my suggestion for you (just saying) is to stay out of my business and concentrate on your own problems. Just a suggestion.


Great Job for FINALLY paying your bill...I'm sure you've sent quite the message to the company you owe money to that you would NOT pay your bill for more than just 30 -60, 90...120+ days...Am I warm on that guess!? Call the company you owe since you're finally accepting accountability and have re-established contact and have them call the company to suspend further attempts....Just a suggestion...I'm just saying! I guess Transworld DID do a great job getting you to finally pay...I'm just saying!?!!!!!!

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