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I have been a client of Transworld Systems for 5-6 years with mediocre results. I submitted an account which was forwarded to the phase II CMS.

In the meantime, the client returned to my office with an emergency medical situation and paid her bill. I informed Transworld Systems that she paid her bill. I received a bill from Transworld for 1/2 due per our contract. I spoke with several representatives at the company and told them that I did not feel that TWS had done anything to collect that payment.

I have paid the bill but am pissed.

Beware of the contracts. No matter how long you work with them, they will throw you under the bus.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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I think if u all pay your bills on time then you wouldn't run into this predicament. Also, if you don't have the money to pay for a service, don't go out and spend, spend, spend.

Most of you complain cause you can't take the fact that you are wrong. Most of you probably ignored the notices and that for example is bringing the problem at hand to your plate in the first place. I have a solution to all this.

Grow up and admit your mistakes. (This may not be the case for everyone, but most of you)


My question to the business owner... if you worked on a patient and they offered to only pay you a portion of what you billed, would you take it? In essence you and the others are saying that TSI deserves to do just that.

As for the person that says that the collector only noted a $100 payment... that's a lie. The central payment office is the one that takes and notes the payments, not the collectors themselves. They never see whether a payment was actually paid and deposited until it shows up on their paycheck.

And by the way.. it's the collectors (regular people just like you and me with a much more stressful job) that you are hurting when you don't pay for the service that they rendered. Granted there are some that don't deserve the job, but there are many others that work very hard and aren't abusive. When you refuse to pay the debt on money that you reported to TSI as received, the money then comes back out of the collectors commission check (the hourly rate is minimal so this really hurts people, especially those with families).

I get that people don't like collections, but the problem is the debtors that don't pay, not the collectors that have the hard job of chasing said debtors down. They are like parking enforcers, just cause you can't understand that it is illegal to park in a handicap space doesn't mean the enforcer is a *** for doing her job.


TransWorld Systems, Inc. left a voice message on my home phone asking me to call them back.

I did and the person I spoke to Steve was so rude and unprofessional. I told him as far as I am aware I am debt free, so you will need to give me a little more information for me to accept it is me. Like a date of birth, who the orignal debtor is. He started screaming that a lunatic!

I just hung up. Collection by intimidation, go figure.


I received a call as a wrong number. I was met with profanity, racism, and threats, and THEY CALLED THE WRONG NUMBER.

My guess average IQ over there is below 79


I am an attorney in Boston Massachusetts who was contacted by telephone on January 21, 2010 by an extremely rude debt collector from Transworld Systems. They claimed to be collecting a debt for an Acton, Massachusetts dentist who charged almost $500 for a dental cleaning. The dentist, through their billing coordinator and administrator had assured me prior to the cleaning that everything would be covered by my dental insurance plan which it previously disclosed and identified to them. Following treatment the dental office sent me a bill for almost $500 and advised me that my insurance did not, in fact, cover any services provided by the dentist as they did not accept that form of regularly accepted standard dental insurance. I immediately contacted the dentist's office administrator and she advised me that they had made a mistake and that the bill was not $500, but rather $380. They then hired Transworld systems who contacted me at my law office in this evening. When I attempted to explain the confusion with the dental office and their misrepresentation to me, the Transworld debt collector engaged in a course of slanderous accusations which included "You do this all the time, don't you?", and, I do not have time for you to explain the situation because I do not care.

I carefully explained that any further action would be met with a lawsuit for fraud, deceit, violation of the consumer protection act in Massachusetts and other claims. At that point the representative of Transworld Systems abruptly hung up the telephone.

I am writing this so that anyone who wishes to pursue a claim against Transworld Systems may contact me for information concerning your rights against their unethical, in my opinion, actions.

You may contact me at the following address: James S. Franchek, Esquire

Franchek law, LLC

92 State Street/8th floor

Boston, Massachusetts 02109

Thank you.

Elkader, Iowa, United States #89611

carol, if you read the situation, you'll note that the client did not feel that transworld systems or their letters brought the patient back to his office. if that's business, as you say, that's not good business.

no wonder he's upset, i would be too. i'm sure he won't use them again, and that must be business too.


I love all of these TWS "reps" commenting here in great detail (and using bad grammar) about the inner workings of debt collection, and yet, their company can't call the right damned phone number. I have received dozens of calls from them looking for someone else.

At least they are working somewhere and not stealing car stereos, I suppose. A more subtle form of robbery seems to be this company's MO.



I am surprised that clients who initiate accounts into collections do not read the contact thoroughly that they sign. Transworld Systems is a legitimate company providing a service as well as making money for themselves.

That's business. When a client places an account into collections and doesn't keep track as to which phase of collections the account is in it is on the client. If a consumer pays the client for the debt, the client needs to notify the agency ASAP. This is especially important if the account is in Phase I - the letter phase.

Once an account moves into Phase II and the collectors are working it verbally, they need to be paid for their time. Sometimes accounts are in Phase II for a long period of time before a client notifies or the collection agency calls the client an verifies the account has been paid. At this point the client absolutely owes the agency for the work done-50%.

A suggestion to businesses that use outside collection agencies is to keep on top of the accounts you place in collections.

You may save yourself a lot of money if you update accordingly. Transworld provides a website in which you can manage the accounts placed and your Representative as well as Transworld's Client Services can offer you assistance.

That's the collections business!

EM So Cal


. . BEWARE. .

. I can tell you from experience Transworld systems ARE LIARS AND THIEVES. I worked for TSI as a sales rep, the letter system is a joke. Most debtors do not get the letters which is just fine to TSI because once if they do not pay then it goes to the other part of the company which makes all those harassing phone calls, and any money collected they get HALF.

I have heard collectors physically threaten people. They collected money for my customers and never paid my customers, or they would tell my customer they only collected $200 of a $1,500 debt and in fact they collected the entire amount, and gave my customer a $100 (50% of what is collected).

When I discovered they steal from their customers - - I QUIT. I don’t even put it on my resume.

Elkader, Iowa, United States #53725

transworld is managed by a bunch of losers! what do you expect?

Elkader, Iowa, United States #45681

terrible story.


penecillin1 at


my email is


I am embarrased for TSI. Your sales rep is the ***.

Everyone who defended TSI missed the point. Without knowing the details what should havehappened is the rep shouldve gotten the fee waived. Bottom line. I wouldve and everyone owuld have been happy.

The sales rep and/or his manager made a decision that made TSI look bad and that is inaccurate. I cant tell you how many waived fees I have gotten for clients for reasons just like this one.

I am so very sorry.

TSI is a phenomenal company. I can help you if you would be willing to post an email address.


I am a sales rep for Transworld.

The creditor is bound to certain conditions once they sign the contract with Transworld.

One of those conditions is that once a debt has rolled over from written demands to verbal demands, TW owns that debt and is entitled to 50% of what is recovered, even if the debtor pays the creditor directly. This is clearly stated in writing in the agreement which the creditor is given a copy.

Ochelata, Oklahoma, United States #27322

:( these people sound shady!

Elkader, Iowa, United States #23966

So I wonder if Transworld Systems is going to settle this matter with its client?

Elkader, Iowa, United States #23965

So I wonder if Transworld Systems will correct this problem with its client?

Kortrijk, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium #23956


I wouldn't use this forum as a reason not to use Transworld Systems. Your best bet is to explore this company and then make a decision based off the proven results that they offer.

I'm sure that there are clients that are not happy witht the results but most of the time it's because they don't take the time to provide any information or submit accurate info. These clients are also the ones that turn over accounts that 3-7 years old and they believe that they are miracle workers.

Elkader, Iowa, United States #23940

transworld system employee wrote...Transworld is ranked number 1 in the industry.

oh really?!?! transworld is not really that good

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