I just received the second collection letter from Transworld Systems for a debt that is not legitmate.The bill they refer to is paid.

I have not had an outstanding balance with any company in years. I tried to call them to tell them that this is an error and I got a very slow speaking recording (at my expense) telling me me to write in with documentation. The documentation they requested would require me to put out quite a bit of effort. Since this is not really due...

I dont want to. But my credit is on the line. Just a little conversation with a human could clear this up. Geez I find that rude.

If you dont believe me just call 707-236-3910. This is very poor customer service. So I would give anything to be cussed at by one of these people but I can't get throught to them. I will have to wait until they call me.

Then if they want to cuss it's fine by me if they will just listen. I feel so out of control of this. I am sure glad it is only a small amount. Could you imagine if someone reported that I owed a bunch.

What a nightmare. I called the so-called debtor and they said that it takes time to get them to clear this stuff up.

I am holding my breath.

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Do what I did...put 'em on your 'blocked callers list'...let 'em *** silence. Until they get ME and actual letter they can bend over and pucker, baby. :p


For those who have issues with this company, I finally got a number for their offices: 866-296-2174

I have filed a complaint with them, I would suggest the same.


It seems to me they are pretty useless to their clients.They just refer me back to the creditor.

It's all automated. They don't even really need employees to do it. Seems like a scam.

They are probably the Walmart of collections - low low price for ***.You get what you pay for.


These statements are very real, however I can tell you that Transworld Systems is the messenger. All your information has been given to them by the company they are asking you to send the money to.

Transworld is a Collection Agency, and you will receive phone calls if the company that has hired them does not report that they have received payment.

Read the notices you have received, they will tell you what you need to do!


I think the point is that this shouldn't have to be done. It is only natural to take up for your employer, but no one should be asked to do this to protect their credit when they don't owe money.


and yes Transworld Systems IS a collection agency!


The time that it took you to write that long winded paragraph and complain, you could have written your dispute to the company. Stop complaining. Take responsibility for yourself.


The truth is that the demand you received has correspondence to the person you owe money to.If you want to dispute it, all you need to do is follow directions as clearly stated on the demand.

If you don't owe the money, call the client and talk to them about it.If it's important to you, WRITE THE LETTER!

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