Our daughter lost her job because of her kidney failure and the complications that go along with it. She spends more time it the hospital that with any of her sisters or our home ( she lost her residence because she has no income now).

Mr Joe Miller of Transworld Systems calls our home looking for her or wants to call the hospital and track her down, he says " because he know what kind of people won't pay their bills, he knows what kind of person she is".

How can these people sleep at night or look at them selves in the mirror every morning.

Thanks for letting me vent...

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I received a called from Transworld System today saying I owed $2,000 for anesthesia I received from CH. I was in the hospital in the time they stated but I was not in the hospital they stated that owed the bill and moreover I never received anesthesia.

I was in the hospital for 3 days due to diabetic complications, never was any surgeries or any other procedures done that would need anesthesia. They knew I was young and intimdated me stating they would move into the final procedures, saying I'm refusing to pay the bill. I never had anything happen to me and my life and was scared. I called my mom crying and she said that it was a scam.

I lost more faith in humanity at that moment, knowing that they can lie, cheat and steal from the innocent so easily.

I do not understand how a business that LIES can be considered a real business in the corporate world. Legal action should be done against this because organizations like this should not exist.


My husband's debt from a car accident got turned over to TSI by his massage therapist, out of spite of another nature. Anyhow, she had told us that she would wait til we got the settlement, but chose to go this other route and turned it over to collections on 3/28/10.

So, after requesting debt verification, and disputing the debt, today I get a call from the therapists office to settle the debt. Shouldn't TSI be handling this? I'm sending a letter to them to clarify WHO owns the debt, with whom should I deal with.

And, I do want everything in writing, as the therapist has been frustrating and unethical in her dealings with us. Is TSI the one calling the shots or just puppets of the therapists whims?


If Transworld does not call their customer's, how is it that I have a message from them right now on my phone????


HIPA, all you need to know. Tell the collector to fly a kite.



"I am very sorry to hear about your daughter"

Sounds like Bull sh*t to me!


I used to be a sales rep for TSI. They are a legitimate company with a proven track record of collecting your debt by using a diplomatic approach.

For an average of $10 per account, your outstanding A/R of thousands has potential to be recovered. Sure, if by the fifth written demand, your clients still haven't paid you, then it is necessary to put it in third gear with verbal demands. (You're not a bank are you?) Remember, 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing.

Go 747! I hope you're still in the game.


By the way.. if they called the hospital to "verify her condition" the hospital could not give out the information. It violates patient privacy, but it doesn't sound like they are too concerned about privacy acts and such...


Wow! Transworld just emailed me for an interview.

I was doing research on them and a lot of websites speak negative of them. It's easy to spot a cheesy company when they have employees search these types of websites to do rebuttals, what a joke and go get a life.

TOO, you especially. Calling to verify her story??

Do you think the hospital is going to verify that story or are you that ***? I see why you work as a collector.

If a collector ever called my house and asked for the hospital any of my family member was staying at, you better hope your calling from a distance. Transworld is a freaking joke.



. . BEWARE. .

. I can tell you from experience Transworld systems ARE LIARS AND THIEVES. I worked for TSI as a sales rep, the letter system is a joke. Most debtors do not get the letters which is just fine to TSI because once if they do not pay then it goes to the other part of the company which makes all those harassing phone calls, and any money collected they get HALF.

I have heard collectors physically threaten people. They collected money for my customers and never paid my customers, or they would tell my customer they only collected $200 of a $1,500 debt and in fact they collected the entire amount, and gave my customer a $100 (50% of what is collected). When I discovered they steal from their customers - - I QUIT.

I don’t even put it on my resume.

Buyer BEWARE - - There are many reputable collection agencies, TRANS WORLD SYSTEMS IS NOT ONE OF THEM.

Rockford, Minnesota, United States #67492

Some of you high-and-mighty ones act like you believe a delinquent debt is worse than murder. Some time ago an aggressive collector tried too hard to impress his desire to collect a debt.

He thought that delinquent debtors were all *** bags, and it didn't matter how he collected it, as long as his methods worked. One day, he messed with the wrong debtor, who complained directly to the vice-president of the collection company. The collector was later terminated. He didn't seem to understand that one cannot break the law to collect money.

The debtor had once told told the collector that one day, he (the collector) might be in the same boat and would then understand how it would feel to be harassed this way.

Indeed, after being terminated for cause, the collector was unable to find suitable work, and he wound up owing everybody, eventually dropping further down the hole. That collector was me.


T/W does make phone calls! I am a current victem of their automated call harassment tactics. Does TW verify that a debt is legitimate before they acept it?


This situation is nothing different than what I hear from former "paying "customers. These customers who now pay late and have been turned over to TSI's Verbal Demand division act as if we have just accused them of murder. While we are not accusing them of murder we are accusing them of a crime..."theft"!

Let em explain how the TSI program works, now follow me on this.... A customer receives a product or services on terms to be paid in the future or has paid for the services and has written a bad check. Our business like 90% of other businesses begin by sending them monthly invoices or statements to remind them of their obligation to pay. As the unpaid debt becomes ignored by the customer the intensity of our efforts increase. We send more letters and maybe even make a phone call or two each month. Heck! We even used to send certified letters at 5.00 each! By the time a customer's balance has reached 90-120 days old we have asked to get paid on those services 10-12 times. Then we turn it over to TSI's Written Demands Division. They send out diplomatic demands to the debtor every 10-14 days with the intensity of each demand growing increasingly stronger. The debtor is informed of their miranda rights (FDCPA) at the bottom of the first letter and reminded on subsequent letters that if the debt is ignored it will be considered a "just and valid debt by Federal law". The letters also tell the debtor to simply pick up the phone and call us. It has our phone number on the letter! Or they can mail payment to us with the detachable coupon and window envelope sent. TSI Sends 5 letters which takes 90 days or so. By the time these letters have completed the debtor has ignored 10-20 requests for payment, and has not had the decency to make an arrangement or pick up the phone and call us to work something out. There is a 2 week holding period and then we automatically have all of these balances transfer to TSI's Verbal Demands (formerly CMS or Credit Management Systems), where their collectors begin the process of contacting the debtors directly. I get calls form time to time from debtors complaining about the collection process. I tell them they should have called me months ago and we couldve worked something out. A few things I have learned: Debtors are liars. They lied about their intentions to pay in the beginning and most of what you are hearing now from these debtors on this website is a lie. Debtors are like children. They play one parent against the other. They cry about the harsh tactics of a collection agency to us and try to beg for mercy after they took our product for free for months. They are just trying to drive a wedge between me and my money.

My take on the original complaint about the daughter in the hospital?

Its tragic that she has kidney failure lets not be ridiculous.

In the collector's mind all he probably knows is that debtors are liars. He probably wanted them to give him the hospital information so he could verify their story, and possibly make a decision to continue the collection process or write it off. Since the parents were so adamant about resisting, red flags went up, and he probably persued even harder.

Additionally, the collector probably never even told her parents what the debt was for or how much she owed. There was no mention of that in their complaint listed above. I am shocked that so much was assumed (even by a collector of 25 years and a business owner with bad grammar).

Look the bottom line is the venting by the original compliantant is warranted. They might not have ever received a call from a collection agency before. They were probably appaled at the fact someone was demanding of them. However, it is not illegal to: ask for her hospital (probably for the intentions of confirming their story), or call someone's family member, friend or work looking for them or how to get in touch with them, it is not even illegal to say that he knows what kind of people dont pay their bills. Its harsh but not harrassing. Its rude but not illegal.

Folks, it bears repeating, we are taking one person's word of what happened. The same folks who are losing their daughter and having to deal with the tidal wave of obvious financial difficulties of her not working and her previous financial obligations too. How many phone calls did the collector make to speak with them or her? How many times did they actually talk? Did they make a promise to pay? Were there any other parts of the conversation they left out? Probably.

A quick note about the collector of 25 years...

According to the American Collector's Association a study shows that of the 6000+ collection agency members surveyed, the average agency only collects 14% of all debts assigned.

If you are truly collecting 85% you better stay off these sites. You need your job, you're good at it, but giving legal advice on an obviously vague issue is unwise. Unless of cours you are an attorney that moonlights as a collector as a hobby.


In response to the insensative Transworld employees and the consumers who use them. There are laws you are required to follow when you try to collect money.

No matter how much money the person owes. As far as the comment goes, Transworld does not call people, is a complete and total lie! Right I am dealing with TransWorld calling a employee of mine at work! Leaves recorded voice mail messages on the company machine around 6p.m.

on a Saturday. I am told during the week too. They were adviced not to call, but we keep getting the calls. That type of collecting is totally unprofessional.

Just like trying to call the hospital. Just like discussing someone elses debt with another person. All against the law! My advise to the daughter.

Do not pay any second party collector. None of them can be trusted. Only work with the original creditor.

If they do not work with you, than they are not worth paying. They should not be in business.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #25505

I have been in collections for 25 years. My experience is that the *** that called your house and said this nasty stuff about your daughter is new and young and trying to impress his 'buddies' in the office.

He is neither professional nor belongs in this field. More than likely he has little to no testosterone in his body and compensates by being rude. Here is my suggestion and recommendation. He has violated the Fair Debt Collections Practice Act, which was designed to protect your daughter from idiots like him.

We professional collections people live by it and honor it. He does not. If he has spoken to you about your daughter's bill, that is 3rd party disclosure and illegal as ***. Calling her at a hopital is also harassment.

Call your local Attorney General's Office and DEMAND to file a complaint. Call your State Banking Commission and also file a report. With 3rd party disclosure, she is no longer liable for the debt, which you will want to copy in the actual debtor's management advising them of this mishap. You should also see an attorney about having your daughter sue them for 3rd party disclosure, defammation, and harassement.

I wish the best to your daughter. Please understand that there are trained professionals out there like myself who are proud of the job they do, and do it well.

I hold a success rate of about 85% on my collection accounts, as do my staff, and I do not allow this type of treatment of people. It is unnecessary, and illegal.

Konstanz, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany #23858

I am very sorry to hear about your daughter but the fact remains that she owes money to a company for services provided. Since you are her parents and you know the situation she is in why don't you help her pay off the debt instead of bashing a collector for doing his job?

Oh and by the way debtors do have a tendency to lie about not having any money to pay debts. Duuuuh.

Amherst, Wisconsin, United States #11477

Transworld is the diplomatic approach with just sending demand letters. They do not make phone calls.

Furthermore, I agree with the person above me in that Transworld & CMS are both great, and do not treat debtors like that. Furthermore, I have collected more with this company and retained more customers by using them, and at a fraction of the cost.

Brownfield, Texas, United States #9319

Although I do understand your frustrations, you have to understand what kind of world we do live in. I am sorry to hear about your daughter, but the fact is she owed money.

I would have to say you have blown up the conversation that you had with the Transworld collector. Transworld doesn't have collectors, its a sister company called Credit Management Services, I think? Although you may have had a bad experience I would have to say when I tested them out they were never like that on the phone. Sure they might be alittle pushy but they have to be!

There are more people out there not paying cuz they just don't compared to the ones that just can't cuz of an issue. I have used Transworld Systems for 8 years and would never change. They have recovered more than I have ever before. You may have a very real issue right now, but the fact still remains she has money out there to be owed.

Its not anyone else's fault. So getting mad at someone going after a debt is not who you should be mad at!!!

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