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I had a hospital bill that I had been paying, but wound up going to Transworld. According to the guy in the billing department they were swamped, and had to turn some of their accounts over in order to take care of it all. So even though I had been paying in a timely manner, I was now dealing with Transworld Systems. It didn't really matter much to me, I payed the same amount, so it wasn't a big deal. However I was wary about giving them a bank account or credit card number, as I've heard how unscrupulous these collection agencies can be, so I got a money card that I put the cash on every month and couldn't be overcharged.

The person I dealt with at Transworld was friendly enough, but I was having an issue with them. I've read other people say the same thing, and apparently it's something Transworld is famous for, not sending statements. They say they are going to send it, but it never shows up. And if you follow up they'll give you a story about how they sent it, and it hasn't come back, so there must be a problem with the post office. However every month the letter they sent about how they were going to charge me so and so amount on whatever date showed up just fine. But they would never give me anything in writing as to how much I owed, or proof that I had payed. So I kept my own records using a balance I was told over the phone and writing down how much money I paid each month.

So other than that things went smoothly with Transworld, each month I would put the money on, and that was that. One day the guy I had dealt with called me up and told me that my balance was just over $300 and asked if I could pay it off and be done with it. It was about $100 more than my records showed I owed, but I didn't argue. After all my handwritten ledger wasn't something that was going to hold up in court or anything, and I was just looking forward to getting it taken care of so I would have one less bill to pay and wouldn't have to go put money on that card every month.

So I paid the $300 something dollars, and thought I was done with them. A couple months passed and I got another call from Transworld, he said I still owed them around $120. I was hesitant this time, because the last payment was supposed to be my final payment. He said that the balance had not been correct and gave me some story about somebody elses payment having been posted to my account, and that I still owed them that amount. I told him that I wasn't going to pay any more until I got something in writing showing my balance. He once again said he would send it out, but wanted to schedule the payment while he had me on the phone, I agreed on a date for a month later and made sure he knew that I wasn't going to put the money on the card if the statement didn't arrive.

Well the statement didn't arrive, and I called him, he once again gave me the story that he sent it. He then accused me of just not wanting to pay the money. We got in a bit of a shouting match, as he was flinging insults at me and I wasn't going to take any attitude off of him. Finally just to get off the phone with him I said I would send him a check, but I knew I wasn't going to do so until I got some proof I wouldn't have to make yet another final payment. The next day I called Transworld to talk to sombody else, thinking maybe I could get some better answers and my statement by talking to somebdy else, or somebody higher than him, who he had refused to let me speak to the night before.

The guy I talked to told me that they couldn't send me a statement because they had already done so several times, and my account was blocked from recieving any more mail. However he did tell me to call the original billers as they would have the same info because Transworld sends them a monthly update on payments. However I had a hard time getting in touch with anybody at that business office, I guess they were still swamped,and after a week of leaving message I hadn't heard anything back, but I did get a call from Transworld again, saying they had not received the check. So I decided to have a little fun with the guy and turn the tables of the missing statements on them. I told him I had sent the check, and I wasn't sure why he didn't get it. He said he would wait a few more days then, as it may have gotten hung up in the mail. My intentions were to actually send him the check though, if the balance they were giving me checked out with the hospital.

After still not getting in touch with somebody at the hospital he called again, and this time he was very mad, saying I never really mailed a check, insulting me more and so forth. So I gave him the same thing he gave me, saying maybe there was something wrong with the post office, after all if none of his statements ever made it to me, it's only reasonable that the same could happen with my check. He called BS on that, and I could tell from his total dismissal of that excuse that he knew he had never mailed a statement. I told him that I am waiting to hear back from the hospital, as I'm going to get the correct information from them, and he just EXPLODED on me. He said I'm not to talk with them, I talk to HIM. I'm dealing with him now, that I had my chance with the hospital. Apparently he didn't know that they had my account for reasons other than me not paying. So I just told him that when I got the info I needed, he would get the payment and I hung up.

A couple days after this I finally got in touch with somebody in the business office at the hospital. And I was not surprised at all to find out that my account was completely paid off. Not only that, but the final payment they got had been $90, which is half of the total. So the hospital got $90, Transworld was supposed to get $90 also, which meant a total payment of $180, when I had in fact paid them over $300. I asked the lady if the rest was some sort of extra money that Transworld was supposed to collect, and she explained to me that it wasn't. For every payment I make to Transworld, half is sent to them, half is kept by Transworld, and when the hospital is paid off, Transworld is paid off too.

So not only did I not owe Transworld another payment, the last payment was $100 over what was actually owed, I payed Transworld $300 something, and they gave the hospital $90, kept the rest, and then tried to hit me up for even more money after that. I was going to contact Transworld, but the hospital said they would take care of it for me, apologized for turning me over to them, not only because I had been paying the hospital diligently, but also because they have been receiving a lot of complaints about Transworld, and they were in the process of finding another business to handle their accounts.

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Please keep in mind, it is not the 3rd party collection company's job to send a is the client that hired a collection company to provide within 30-45 days..


I had kind of the same thing happen. I was paying a debt for a doctor. Why it went to collections I don't know. I was paying them every month and suddenly one day this Transworld Systems was contacting me, so I just started paying them. I was going to try and contact the doctor to find out why, but Transworld assured me it was no big deal because it hadn't gone against my credit yet, and as long as I paid in a timely manner it never would. They also said I would be paying the same amount, there was no interest or anything. The only difference was that they charged an 8 dollar or something service charge if I was paying by credit card.

So I paid it all off, including what they called my final payment, and thought I was done with them. Until they started contacting me saying I owed them another 130 bucks. They said 90 of it was my final payment, and the rest was interest. I contacted the doctors office and they said that they didn't know anything about interest, that would be between Transworld Systems and myself, but that my balance had been paid off, so the 90 was not correct.

I called Transworld back and told them what I had been told and was berated immediatly. They said the doctors office didn't know what they were talking about,and that I had agreed to the interest, when I recall clearly that I didn't. I also ran into the same situation with not getting a statement of any kind. I told this guy that if they expect me to make another payment, they need to send me something in writing, proving that I still owe them money, and for my own records. He said they had no legal obligation to do so, they aren't a billing agency, they are collections. So I told them that since both my records and the doctors office records showed that I was completely paid off, the burden of proof was on them, if they want more money out of me I wasn't going to blindly send it to them without any type of records. He then started mocking me and said "ooohhh, burden of proof, that's a pretty big word". I mocked him back and informed him that "burden of proof" is actully 3 words and they weren't actually that big. Realizing how *** he was set him off, and he chewed me out, told me that he wasn't going to mess with me any more and he was going to put my name back in the dialer, and they would just call me every day for the next 7 years. I asked him wouldn't it be simpler to just send me a statement, and then I could get it straightened out, and if I still owed them money, pay it. After that he just hung up.

I'm pretty sure that threatening to call me every day for 7 years counts as harrassment and a threat, both of which they can't legally do. And what are they trying to hide that they won't send me something in writing? I'm not asking for a kidney, I'm just asking for some sort of documentation. I mean honestly, do they just expect people to blindly pay them whatever they say is owed, even when the people they collect for tell you that you're paid off? I regret to say that I did for a time, but that was because I was keeping my own ledger and receipts/credit card statements. And now that my records and the doctors records show I owe them no more money, they still want me to continue to pay without so much as asking a question. I guess Transworld sees each account they have as their personal ATM that doesn't have any rights as a consumer.

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