I work at a company who uses transworld systems for our collections. Any one who is pissed off about this company really needs to take a step back and take a second look at who is asking them to get a hold of you!

You *** idiots they are paid to get the money YOU OWE to the right people. So if you dont want to deal with them then pay your freaking bills! And maybe just maybe if you responded to them in a timely manner you wouldnt have to hate them because they work with you.

hmmm... sounds about right

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Funny you mention a free clinic. How is it right that a person goes to a free clinic and is never told there could be a charge when they tell you are covered 100%, then you get bills from outside lab? Maybe I should mail them a dictionary.


Do not even know why they are calling, saw the number on my caller ID so i called them back. I told the guy who answered the phone i saw the number and was returning the call and he said NOTHING.....(silence)...i ask is this a business, he then rudely responds " of course this is a business are u *** or is there something wrong with your phone"!!

I responded saying well u didnt say anything and he began yelling at me?!?

Looked up the company and saw all these complaints...so to the people who are defending this company, i agree people should pay their bills, but you should use a company who respects people...you will probably get better results. Not everyone has perfect health with a boatload of money...s**t happens in life...putting food on the table or paying greedy healthcare people is a decision most of the spoiled rotten rich people wouldnt know the real stress of making that decision.


I spoke with 3 Transworld employees in 3 days. All 3 were rude and 2 left me in tears.

I acknowledged the debt and offered to work with them. No go.

With Transworld, it's their way or no way. I even called the original creditor and they have gotten so many complaints about Transworld employees, they have contacted TW and given them strict directions NOT to contact customers by phone.




I work at Transworld, very sorry if that rep was rude. Just like any business, some employees don't represent the company well. If I can sweetly clarify anything about our system i'd be glad to.

Again, sorry and have a great day!

Michael Tarrant (901-326-5178)


I received a letter regarding a payment that was made the day service was performed. There was an error in there billing system, which I discussed with the company that sent me to collections.

So, I DON'T OWE ANY MONEY. I take offense to you comment. "You *** idiots they are paid to get the money YOU OWE to the right people.

So if you dont want to deal with them then pay your freaking bills! " Seriously?


My son, who is 12, is being harassed by this company and brought it to my attention last night. While I was trying to figure out what was going on, besides all the malicious nonsense that the rep was giving me, it has nothing to do with me or my family.

I pay my bills every month ON TIME, and am not even the person they are looking for. Trying to explain that to a rock is not that easy and he hung up on me twice. That is not a very eithical nor professional manor to handle any type of business.

So, Transworld, you have been reported to the FCC and his number has been changed. Have a great day!


Well Dr. Pensor, I can certainly see where somebody who is relying on Transworld Systems (or any collection agency) to collect a debt for them is coming from. You run a business, you provided a service, you have employees to pay and so on. And Transworld itself provides a service of collecting that money for you, because after all you went to school to be a doctor and not to chase down people who aren't paying their bills for whatever reason.

However not all of these complaints are as simple as "I don't want to pay my bill and I don't like these Transworld people trying to make me". I myself came to this site to complain about Transworld harassing me over a debt that belongs to an ex-roommate who I am no longer in contact with. Reading through some of these complaints and comparing them to my own experience with these people I can't help but come to the conclusion that Transworld is more than just a little bit shady.

I understand the complaint you responded to wasn't that valid since he/she was complaining about having to pay a service charge (Transworld has to get paid too), but many of these complaints are valid, and simply saying "These complaints are insane" is over simplifying things a bit.

Transworld (or rather certain employees) are not very ethical. They tried to bully me into paying another persons debt, tried to *** me into believing that since this man once lived underneath the same roof and paid me rent (I guess the only thing he paid) that I was financially obligated to cover his debt. Tried to get me to give them a credit card number to "verify my identity" when they didn't believe that I was telling the truth when I said I wasn't this guy they were looking for. I understand they have a job to do, and that in their business they have to sometimes be aggressive, but they do cross the line sometimes.

to Dustin Cherokee, North Carolina, United States #831584

Dustin, take a moment to Google "Dr. Robert Pensor".

This doctor exists only as a comment-maker on this thread. NOWHERE ELSE! Does that strike you as unusual? A "doctor" who has left no other fingerprint on the World Wide Web---not even a business, address, or phone listing---seems fishy to me.

Honestly, if one has retained a collections firm to service debts owed, what would lead one to be trolling said agency's detractors online?

I smell a rat.


You are being charged a processing fee to cover the cost of collections.

How is it right? How is it right that you did not pay your bill on time? How is it right that I have to pay a company to get you to pay me.

These complaints are insane. If you are having money issues call your creditor and work something out. If you just hope the bill is going away you will go to collections.

Sorry but we have to get paid. We are not a free clinic.


But I just got a call and tried to pay. They will only take payment if I pay them $8.95. How is that right?

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