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I should have known right off the bat that this call was no good... blocked number and the egomaniacal voice of a debt collector. I wasn't sure it was a collector at first because he'd mentioned the name of a company that we do business with.

Turned out to be the most insane call ever because I couldn't 100% tell if he was a possible client or a collector, but now I've got a good persona in mind for anything of the sort again. But he called us accusing us of being the other party.

Deposition this, file that... he got the wrong company and now we know something is going on. I can't believe collectors are so brash as to call any company affiliated with them, use a pick axe to dig out whatever info they can and making it clear that something is up with the other company. That's some bad bad business.

Not to mention being such a total *** on the phone, "I'm having trouble figuring out exactly what it is you're asking here." Typical reply, "You see what's not adding up to me here is..." Around and round this went.. Questioning our integrity, my honesty, and our legitimacy.. screw that guy!

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That was the most absurd complaint letter I have ever read. Thanks for wasting my time...NEXT!

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