La Crescent, Minnesota
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This simple minded telemarketer that works for Transworld Systems calls our home and harrasses my wife at work for a $150 Debt! This debt has been paid off!

This little telemarketer man that made up this fake name "jim gray' won't stop harrassing us. He was also very rude and abusive to my wife the first time he called her. She explained how we were going to settle the debt and he said, "I won't let you do it that way! You will do it my way!" He was very threatening and rude!

This is over $150! It has been paid and he is still harrassing us. Why? I know.

Ego issues, control issues, he is JUST a telemarketer.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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It's not a telemarketer genius, it's a bill collector, and they are calling you because you are a other words, you don't pay your bills in a timely manner, and now your complaining, so you are clearly a professional debtor to boot! You are a pathetic excuse for a human being and are contributing to the poor economy! Get a life!


I don't understand people anymore! What the heck happened?

If I had a choice between buying food for my family and paying some jacked up doctor's fee (which if billed to the insurance company on time would have been paid by the insurance company)I would buy the food for the family! Without a doubt!

Doesn't anyone see how many people are down and out without coming down on them for being behind on a *** bill? :( :x

Konstanz, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany #23856

Exactly!!! They had the opportunity to work this out with the company that the stiffed thru Transworld via 5 writtne demands for payment before a collector ever contacted them Collectors do what they do by federal law to collect monies owed to their clients.

Just another example of a dead beat that doesn't want to pay thier bills. I do hope your wife recovers from the mean old collection call.

Boulder City, Nevada, United States #17631

You are more of an *** than anything. I guess you have a flawless record.

A score of 850+ . You just must be Jesus himself.

Quit making *** comments unless you're perfect. Which I seriously doubt.

Clarksburg, Ohio, United States #13386 say you paid it....then you say "how we were going to settle the debt," then you say you paid it again....sounds like you're the typical debtor...blaming other people for your irresponsibility by lying. By the way, the guy calling you is called a COLLECTOR, not a telemarketer...telemarketers sell stuff while collectors try to collect valid debts from deadbeats like you.

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