If you think having them contact you is BAD, it is even worse if you actually try to work for them as a "Sales Representative." Their training is actually veiled harassment and it is so juvenile, you will want to throw up.If you ever get contacted by them through one of the job search websites....run the other way!!!

This job is NOTHING but door-to-door sales and the people who make good money at it have been doing it for years and years.

It is a pyramid scheme for them.The newer people are being used and abused and the turnover rate is astronomical.


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I've been around the business for over a decade watching my wife build a great business for our family.There is no scam and no pyramid.

Thru her I've met Transworld Reps around the country who have done the same. Transworld is also recommended by many trade associations, medical associations, they are peer reviewed by professionals who have been using Transworld for years. Their service works, provides great results for clients who use the service as instructed and those reps who prospected with deligence managed to break thru and have made Transworld their home. My name is Tom McCord and I live in Jenks, OK.

No scam at all, just good hard work with great reward.Good luck to the person who posted such a negative comment about such a great opportunity for so many who need a wonderful career.


How strenous is the background check at Transworld Systems Inc

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #892040

This is what the email I received stated:

Who We Are.

Transworld Systems is a nationwide company with over 80 offices nationwide.We are currently looking for professional individuals with the poise and ability to communicate effectively with Company Owners, CEO's, CFO's, and VP's regarding our unique profit recovery/cash flow service.

We keep Large and Small Companies in business.

We Offer:

• Representing the market-leader in business cash flow management

• $4,000/month initial incentive bonus/first 6 mos.

• $40-85,000 1st year income opportunity.• Substantial income opportunity (Top TSI representatives earn $200k-plus) • Comprehensive national training • Excellent repeat and reorder business • No limits to national sales territory • Manage your own client base • Ongoing residual and referral business • Rapid Advancement and sales management opportunities • No nights, weekends, or major travel required

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #892035

I have been asked to interview next week with TSI and the email I received made it sound like they were paying me $4000.00 a month to start.Do they pay you or is that just a come on?

One guy said on here they paid only commission.

I am not interested in a position that don't offer me a base plus.Please advise, thank you.


One of the biggest warning signs about a company that isn't legit is that they contact you.It seems that companies like these and trucking companies feed off of desperate people.

There needs to be legislation of predatory companies like these. There are a slew of people out there looking for work, stuck between a rock and a hard place and people like these are vampires. It seems that the only jobs out there are for college grads and, lets just be honest, slave labor. The temp agencies swallow up anything else that is out there.

You have to give a dna sample to get a job sweeping floors with them.

Stay away from jobs like these.They feed off of good hearted people.


I have been with Transworld for many many years.The "failed former rep" that complained about the opportunity either just doesn't get it, or isn't willing to work for a living.

We are the industry recognized market leader, and have corporate partnerships with many of the larges associations in the country. Perhaps it wasn't for you, and that's fine. Direct outside sales isn't easy, and it shouldn't be. Only a select elite, and hard working few earn the right to make the kind of money that we make.

It's good that you didn't make it with us.We need quality individuals who want an unlimited income and growth opportunity

to Calzoe #834943

So Calzoe, you're anonymous here, why don't you tell us what you're making if it is such a good opportunity?Who besides TSI propaganda recognizes you an an market leader?

You repeat the TSI line that those who have the sense to leave 'aren't willing to work for a living', just like all the clients that don't re-order are *** and didn't use it right.

I'll say only a select few make it there, one former manager said she had hired 1,000 people and only had one guy to show for it, and he wasn't making much.

to Calzoe #838094

In other words YOU are being paid to say nice things about Transworld.

to Calzoe #845586

Calzoe, you make me laugh.You insult the person just like the rest of the Transworld crowd.

Allow me to quote you,,,, "It's good that you didn't make it with us, because we need 'quality' individuals..." Haha. Tell me, do you insult everyone within the first 20 seconds of meeting them? Maybe I should ask that in a different way,,,,, do you know how to make a successful 20 second presentation?

Because let me tell you, you did a bang up job making Transworld Systems look good with that comment.hahahahaha.


I just got a call from Trans world systms and the number was local.They had my address and said it was a personal call for me and that I had to confirm my information before they would tell me what it was about.

I said I am not going to give anyone my personal information if I don't know who I am talking about and what they want.

She said "We have your address and date of birth...etc and we can't tell you anything until you confirm them." I hung up.Ridiculous!

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