If you think having them contact you is BAD, it is even worse if you actually try to work for them as a "Sales Representative." Their training is actually veiled harassment and it is so juvenile, you will want to throw up. If you ever get contacted by them through one of the job search websites....run the other way!!!

This job is NOTHING but door-to-door sales and the people who make good money at it have been doing it for years and years.

It is a pyramid scheme for them. The newer people are being used and abused and the turnover rate is astronomical.

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By the way, I have no debt, my home is paid for, Im vested well and make a 6 figure income on 100% commissions and there are reps who make 200,000+ on straight commissions.


I have been with TSI for 28 years and it has been a great career with life long clients and reps. Of course we have turnover.

Those that don't want to do the work leave and go work for someone that tells them what to do. Then they turn around and point fingers at TSI and the opportunity. It is truly up to the individual and it takes work ethic and discipline. My wife was able to retire from teaching in just my 5th year, which allowed her to focus on the education of our daughter who has Downs Syndrome.

Not only is it a great career but the service and diplomatic approach in collecting in the first stages for our clients still amazes me 28 years later. I have many clients I have worked with for 25+ years!


I've been around the business for over a decade watching my wife build a great business for our family. There is no scam and no pyramid.

Thru her I've met Transworld Reps around the country who have done the same. Transworld is also recommended by many trade associations, medical associations, they are peer reviewed by professionals who have been using Transworld for years. Their service works, provides great results for clients who use the service as instructed and those reps who prospected with deligence managed to break thru and have made Transworld their home. My name is Tom McCord and I live in Jenks, OK.

No scam at all, just good hard work with great reward. Good luck to the person who posted such a negative comment about such a great opportunity for so many who need a wonderful career.


How strenous is the background check at Transworld Systems Inc

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #892040

This is what the email I received stated:

Who We Are.

Transworld Systems is a nationwide company with over 80 offices nationwide. We are currently looking for professional individuals with the poise and ability to communicate effectively with Company Owners, CEO's, CFO's, and VP's regarding our unique profit recovery/cash flow service.

We keep Large and Small Companies in business.

We Offer:

• Representing the market-leader in business cash flow management

• $4,000/month initial incentive bonus/first 6 mos.

• $40-85,000 1st year income opportunity. • Substantial income opportunity (Top TSI representatives earn $200k-plus) • Comprehensive national training • Excellent repeat and reorder business • No limits to national sales territory • Manage your own client base • Ongoing residual and referral business • Rapid Advancement and sales management opportunities • No nights, weekends, or major travel required

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #892035

I have been asked to interview next week with TSI and the email I received made it sound like they were paying me $4000.00 a month to start. Do they pay you or is that just a come on?

One guy said on here they paid only commission.

I am not interested in a position that don't offer me a base plus. Please advise, thank you.


One of the biggest warning signs about a company that isn't legit is that they contact you. It seems that companies like these and trucking companies feed off of desperate people.

There needs to be legislation of predatory companies like these. There are a slew of people out there looking for work, stuck between a rock and a hard place and people like these are vampires. It seems that the only jobs out there are for college grads and, lets just be honest, slave labor. The temp agencies swallow up anything else that is out there.

You have to give a dna sample to get a job sweeping floors with them.

Stay away from jobs like these. They feed off of good hearted people.


I have been with Transworld for many many years. The "failed former rep" that complained about the opportunity either just doesn't get it, or isn't willing to work for a living.

We are the industry recognized market leader, and have corporate partnerships with many of the larges associations in the country. Perhaps it wasn't for you, and that's fine. Direct outside sales isn't easy, and it shouldn't be. Only a select elite, and hard working few earn the right to make the kind of money that we make.

It's good that you didn't make it with us. We need quality individuals who want an unlimited income and growth opportunity

to Calzoe #834943

So Calzoe, you're anonymous here, why don't you tell us what you're making if it is such a good opportunity? Who besides TSI propaganda recognizes you an an market leader?

You repeat the TSI line that those who have the sense to leave 'aren't willing to work for a living', just like all the clients that don't re-order are *** and didn't use it right.

I'll say only a select few make it there, one former manager said she had hired 1,000 people and only had one guy to show for it, and he wasn't making much.

to Calzoe #838094

In other words YOU are being paid to say nice things about Transworld.

to Calzoe #845586

Calzoe, you make me laugh. You insult the person just like the rest of the Transworld crowd.

Allow me to quote you,,,, "It's good that you didn't make it with us, because we need 'quality' individuals..." Haha. Tell me, do you insult everyone within the first 20 seconds of meeting them? Maybe I should ask that in a different way,,,,, do you know how to make a successful 20 second presentation?

Because let me tell you, you did a bang up job making Transworld Systems look good with that comment. hahahahaha.


I just got a call from Trans world systms and the number was local. They had my address and said it was a personal call for me and that I had to confirm my information before they would tell me what it was about.

I said I am not going to give anyone my personal information if I don't know who I am talking about and what they want.

She said "We have your address and date of birth...etc and we can't tell you anything until you confirm them." I hung up. Ridiculous!

to Jane #868844

Collectors are required to verify your identity by federal law. Look up the Fair Debt Collection Practice.

Collectors themselves hate this part of the job. It's the most difficult part of the process. Aren't you glad your information is prohibited to be released unless it's certain the right person is on the phone? It's not company policy, that law was developed by the FTC.

If it wasn't in place, anyone can answer a phone and all your personal info is free to all. Ss#, birthday, address, bank info, etc.

So you're right it's ridiculous...


Oh,,, and I have another question for "Sour Grapes" to add to what Ex-Tsi has been asking.... Ever heard of something called residuals? No those accounts don't have to go "somewhere" a real company would acknowledge the originator of the sale and pay a portion of renewals to that person whether they work still work for the company or not.

to thankyou Ex-Tsi #845578

Haha, someone down voted this. They must not believe that a company is paying me residuals right now.

I don't work there anymore, and I'm still getting paid. Why did I quit? Well, the company to whom I sold, romanced me with a higher base pay, and now I'm making even more... Wow, I can't even imagine working for TWS anymore.

I am SO glad I quit.


I have to take a moment to fill in my comments about the short time I worked for Trans World Systems.

At the beginning of 2012 I was in a dead end career destined for nothing. I, having at least average intelligence, and nothing but potential in my future took a chance on this Trans World Systems "opportunity". Quite frankly, without naming names, I found the company to be full of smiley-faced bottom feeders perfectly willing turn the hard work of others into profits for themselves... (This is most likely how the "seasoned vets" make some of their money as I will describe below.....)

I contacted Mr. Ex-Tsi and he confirmed all of the uncomfortable feelings I was getting in my stomach while I worked for Trans World Systems. After an (unpaid) training period I began doing everything that Trans World Systems was telling me to do. And, without the prejudice that I now have for companies like this, I have to say that it appeared as if the "method" they were teaching me was in fact working... I had all kinds of leads, but what remained a mystery was why they were holding me back. I was ready to explode out of the gate with all kinds of small sales. The office I worked in was amazed at my tenacity, saying things like "You are relentless!" Of course I was! I was hungry for success and always will be! However, they were saying I wasn't ready for all of it yet. Finally, after many times voicing my concerns,,,, like... How am I going to survive, using my own gas and my own vehicle driving all around ***'s half-acre hoping to make a decent size sale when I haven't even made a dime on a paycheck after working for them almost a full month?

Do you have 6 months to a years worth of money to live on while you "grow the business"? No? I didn't either, it's just one of the reasons I quit.....

Moving on,,,,,, They will tell you to focus on the "low hanging fruit" to start out... Well, from what I observed, there is nothing but "low hanging fruit" (aka. very small sales) to be had. And I later found out that their sneaky little "fee" would've taken a small chunk out of whatever my paycheck would have been. I can also see the possibility of "unexplained terminations" or people like me who got tired of waiting and just gave up. Which means, they will pretty much hire anyone, get them to work their butt off to gather a list of new leads and later hold you back and hope you give up, or for no reason "fire" you (perfectly legal since you aren't an actual employee), and take those leads and try to make sales on your leads for themselves... Quite sneaky isn't it? I'm not saying this is their business model, but after I walked out on them I'm sure they were more than happy to go through my desk and pass out my leads to the two, count them, TWO, other employees other than the manager of the office and make quite a few extra small sales for themselves without much work on their part. With the turnover this company is plagued with that is described in these comments I'm sure this little scheme plays itself out more often than not.

The thing that made me seek out a thread like this is an experience I had the day before I walked out on this job.......

After many times voicing my concerns, the office decided to take me on a "ride along". Oddly enough, the potential customer was the owner of a business that I had known for a long time. I was happy to see him again and was happy for him because I always knew he could be a respectable business man, and finding out that he owned his own business was awesome!

I digress..... He listened to the presentation intently and afterwards voiced his opinion and decision. Knowing me and knowing that I was at least somewhat intelligent, he knew he would not have to "spell it out" for me. He gracefully told us that while he felt the Trans World System product was possibly useful to some companies and at least somewhat legitimate, he didn't think that business's like his could or would use the Trans World product and added that he couldn't think of too many types of business's that would purchase such an antiquated product.

After this meeting with my long lost friend, I searched for this type of thread on google. I saw Mr. "Ex-Tsi's" post and contacted him. I am eternally grateful to this gentleman for his information and advice because I am now in a Marketing career with a nice salary, benefits (something Trans World Systems will not offer you), and a good bonus structure. This would never have happened if I kept focusing on the "low hanging fruit" like Trans World Systems wanted me to do.

Quite frankly seeing the posts below from current Trans World "Veterans" is quite funny because like Mr. Ex-Tsi has been asking them,,,, "How much do you make?" isn't a question they can or will answer, much less will they tell you how they made it. :grin

I again thank Mr. "Ex-TSI" for his information and advice. I will not bother contacting him again because I have already wasted too much of his time and mine on a questionable company such as Trans World Systems. :roll

Thanks for reading, and keep reaching for that hard to reach fruit, it's not impossible to reach. :)

to thankyou Ex-Tsi #1032425

There is a manager in Texas who asks you to give him a reason why he should hire you. Your answer doesn't really matter because you have 150 reasons in your pocket.

The manager takes your money and pockets it. The independent contractor agreement specifically states that each rep is supposed to receive a starter package that includes presentation book and other sales materials. Reps don't get a *** thing. The manager actually refers new reps to get all their materials printed from some guy who has a whole print shop on the side of his house.

The owner of the make shift print shop gives the manager a kick back from the business he is referred. The manager hires on average 30 reps a year. At $150 a pop that is $4500 a year that he uses to go on vacation with his family. Just like you said, reps are not making any money, spending their savings on gas and door stuffers that have the manager's office number on them so he can keep the lead.

You stated that managers keep the leads and or sales that reps who quit leave behind. This manager doesn't wait for you to leave. He takes large sales from reps by making up this BS team he calls the "Large Sales Team." The team meets once a week to talk about potential large sales. The manager makes the reps put their large leads on an excel spreadsheet with all pertinent information on it.

He says that being on the team is voluntary but talks bad about reps who do not want to participate by saying they are not team players at sales meetings. Remember, reps are independent contractors. This manager has made "executive decisions" and taken sales from reps if he feels that the new rep closed a sale he had been working on. You can't say you are working on a close when you have been talking to the potential client for 3-5 years and haven't been able to close it.

But that's not all. The POS manager has mandatory sales meetings where he talks about himself for two hours. He tells reps that he is the best thing that ever happened to Transworld Systems and that Transworld Systems is what it is because they always ask for his input on everything. And when corporate does something he doesn't like he then goes on his F**K corporate rants.

"This is my hot dog stand and I'll run it how ever the *** I want to run it!". "VP"(name is not revealed for legal reasons) is a ***! F**K "VP"! He started after I did and doesn't know what I know!" I was at the office for 18 months.....WOW THAT LONG?

Yeah, I made it past the 6 month mark. How are you supposed to take upper management seriously when your district manager bad mouths your regional manager and VP of sales at every meeting. The bad thing is that these people know yet they don't do anything. This manager has been a manager for over 20 years.

There are two reps who have been there longer than 18 months. One has been at TSI for 7 years and the other 9 years. So that means that for the last 7 years this manager has failed at recruiting but has put $31,500 in his pockets by collecting hiring fees. I could be here all night posting about the way he talks down to and demeans people.

The guy is a sick *** who openly says he doesn't get laid enough at home and admits to hire "eye candy" for the office. The guy is in his 50's but somehow always hires a young 20 something year old female of a certain build who he always claims is the next one to succeed. He pays so much attention to that female that other reps quit because he spends all his time drooling over her and ignoring all the other new reps. Then after a month or so he starts to over step his boundaries and starts to invite the female and her husband to baseball games and out to dinner while the rest of the reps are just trying to ask him a question that is actually work related.

Last year the manager scared off the female by stalking her on Facebook. She went home on leave with her husband since he was active duty military. She posted something about not liking the city her husband was stationed at. He posted a response on her Facebook profile that made her feel a little uncomfortable.

But when she came back this POS manager made her feel even more uncomfortable by talking about the incident at our mandatory sales meeting for 30 minutes. I was sitting across from her and could see her texting somebody. She asked to be excused to make a phone call. She came back in and about 20 minutes later she stood up and asked to be excused because something had come up.

The female stood up and never came back. The manger made up some story about how she wanted to go back home to be a teacher and that he had a feeling that she was not made for TSI. You should have seen the faces of the reps in the mandatory meeting. "If you knew she wasn't made for TSI then why the *** did you spend so much time with her and ignore the rest of us!" I keep going on all night but I won't.

I just want to say that the old guard is taking advantage of the independent contractor model to benefit themselves. My former Sales VP had the balls to tell me at a conference "The rich get richer" as he was having drinks at the bar.

He is also the Sales VP who did nothing after I reached out to him to complain about the manager. In fact he told me that my contract was not being terminated but he did was ask me not to go back to the office because the manager feared for his safety.


Hey Sour Grapes, you're anonymous here, why don't you tell us what you're making with TSI after 5 years? TSI seems to have a different idea of success than the real world.

I was considered one while with them, winning plaques, etc., but today I'm making five times what I ever did with them. The difference is I'm in a real sales opportunity, TSI isn't one.


What I see here is ranting from some people who didn't succeed in their attempt to build a business and they are projecting it on everyone else. Misery loves company. I started with Transworld Systems less than 5 years ago. I was given excellent training (I had never done direct sales before) and LOTS of support. My manager went with me on the first few presentations and offered to do the presentation for me. Even when he did, the sale was all mine.

While it is true that accounts are assigned to the District Manager when reps leave, my manager gave me, as a newer rep who was working hard, a bunch of those accounts. Since there are no "house" accounts with TSI, the accounts have to go somewhere.

I LOVE working with this company, and see the potential as huge, whether or not I decide to go into management.

Check it out for yourself and don't listen to those who merely complain.


To 'Stop Complaining, Complainers', if you never worked for TSI, then you don't know what you're talking about and I have to ask what you're doing on this thread.

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