I met with a transworld rep, Brian White to be exact about opening an account today. I meet with several reps a month for different services as a dentist.

This was the worst meeting that I have ever had with a sales rep. He was rude,condescending and beligerate. He made statements about he does not do the dont call me I'll call you line when I said I have to check his company's references. Then he went on to say that his meetings run with the dr either doing it or not.

I would never consider opening an account with them if this was how they do business.

I would not have any patients left! Do not use this company I surely will not!

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I take it you didn't take English classes when you were in Dentist school. Its called spell check. Use it.

to Curious Reader #804959

Don't rely too much on spell check. It's not going to correct spelling errors stemming from misuse of homophones such as "its" and "it's", regardless of whether you went to dental school. Nonetheless,I'm sure we'll all heed your expert,albeit snarky, advice!


I work at Transworld, very sorry if that rep was rude. Just like any business, some employees don't represent the company well. I work with a lot of dentists down here in Memphis. If I can sweetly clarify anything about our system i'd be glad to.

Again, sorry and have a great day!

Michael Tarrant (901-326-5178)


Amazed, looks like you're the one who needs to get a life. You're just going through these complaints insulting people and telling them to get a life.

You say people need to get a life just because they have complaints about this company, but you are complaining about people who complain about the company. That is even worse. In fact it is downright pathetic.

You are either some lame internet troll with WAAAYYY too much time on your hands, or a Transworld employee, either way your comments are laughably idiotic.


if you were a professional, you would not be online spewing trash about a company over a meeting with on rep. you just wanted to trash someone. get a life.


I hate transworld systems... :( They are crooks


Silent Comment - Obvisiously you do not know what the meaning of Customer Service is. Let me guess you work for Transworld Systems.


Certainly you mean you're considering a SALES PERSON as someone whom you'd never have another meeting with and not holding an entire company, with an extremely good reputation to blame for discounting doing business with....right!? I suppose I'd not use you as a dentist if you make decisions like this...

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