I was screamed profusely and had a full social security number quoted via telephone for a bill that is not even mine. Apparently my ID has been stolen by this Transworld Systems/Outsourcing Solution.

This is illegal, this is being investigated and this will STOP! This is the rudest, most ruthless, demonic company known to the world and whether they know it or not they have just stepped in the middle of an investigation that they in the long run will really wish and hope they had not gotten into. I will not stop until these people and the rest of the ones who are harrassing people in their homes are put off the planet.

I am an investigator and this *** at the above-referenced number just messed with the wrong person. I promise all of you who have filed complaints, this company is through.

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MI, if you would bother to read the comments, you would see that most of them are from people who have been wrongly contacted by Transworld Systems, aka The Company You Work For. I find it funny when Transworld people call me a loser and irresponsible just because I don't want to pay a debt owed by a complete stranger. Transworld would have me believe I should just pay it, after all it's my fault apparently for having the phone number they somehow got their hands on.

Kortrijk, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium #127581

Is this the "I'm a Debtor Loser who doesn't like to pay bills" meeting?


Keep getting weekly calls from these scumbags. They don't bother to say who the call is for.

We have NEVER had an unpaid debt EVER. In fact we have spent our lives paying all debt AHEAD of schedule. No business has ever contacted me for unpaid debt so the is no reason for me to suspect credit fraud.

All I can think is some unscrupled *** who had no intention of paying debt gave out the wrong phone number (mine) Lucky me. Does anyone out there know how I can file harrassment charges?


Transworld Systems is the ugliest Company on earth. They try to brain wash you into being a rentless demond like Valerie Martinet.

She is greedy and unlike anbody I have ever met in my life. I have been a business owner in the town she markets herself. She is a rude nasty sorry exscuse of a human.

She preys on the desperate for her own pocket book. NASTY NASTY woman.


I have been called everyday since January about a debt that is not mine and is for a man that I am not related, nor do I know. This is not identity theft, this is a lazy company that looked in the phone book for my last name and first initial.

I am the first one listed under my last name in the phone book. They deemed me the person they are looking for without listening to my answering machine to know for sure. This is not my debt or my concern...I just want the phone calls to stop on my business line. I have made several attepmpts to stop the calls.

I keep getting the computerized message to call Wendy Dugan. She is never there when I do call, I end up talking to a guy (Joe) who apparently doesn't understand the concept of the wrong number,or busnesss phone. I have documented every call recieved and have recorded every call I make to them. My next step is to send them a certified "cease" letter.

I also am going to call the vice-president Ken Eissing explaining the situation.

If all that does not work I am going to take them to court for harrassment. If anyone is up for a class action suit against this company let me know....if the only thing they care about is money then they will learn what it will be like to lose some.


Philip, I had almost the exact same thing happen to me. I got a call from this TSI. They had the wrong person. They were collecting a debt for a hospital bill belonging to somebody I've never heard of. Turns out it's for a hospital in Texas, and I've never even been to Texas. Somehow they got the wrong phone number. The first lady I spoke to was friendly and said the person must have given them a fake phone number.

A week later a guy called and when I explained to him what I told the other lady, he asked me if I was sure I wasn't that person. I laughed, because to me it was funny that somebody would ask me if I was sure I wasn't another person as if I had been hit over the head and would suddenly realize that I was in fact another person. As soon as I laughed he started chewing me out, saying that this was very serious, and that if I was lying to him he would find out. He then went on some diatribe about he deals with "deadbeats" day in and day out who try to get out of their financial obligations, etc. I just sat there listening to him, I was shocked that somebody would call me up and talk to me in that manner over something that had nothing to do with me at all. Finally I cut him off and started firing back at him, telling him he had a lot of nerve calling me up and talking to me in that fashion. He then had the nerve to tell ME not to talk to HIM that way. I told him not to call me back ever again.

Well I guess he didn't pass that on, because I got another call, this time from a lady, perhaps the same one I spoke to the first time, as she was friendly. Through her I got the number for the business office of the hospital they were collecting for, and some account info, and I called them to get it straightened out at the source. I told them what was happening, and the phone number they had on file for their patient wasn't even mine. So where Transworld got my number from I don't know. I told them about the negative experience I had with the guy yelling at me, and they were most unhappy about that. They told me that when they hired TSI they were asked if they wanted them to be aggressive/hard-core in attempts to collect the debt. And they specifically asked for a softer more friendly approach. As they are in the business of trying to help people, they didn't want people being abusive on their behalf. She said they were going to put in a complaint, and whether this is true or not, look into another company to handle their accounts, because they don't want to do business with people like that.

I am most unhappy about all of this. Hopefully that hospital drops TSI, because they apparently think they can do or say whatever they want to whoever they want. Maybe it's not the whole company, maybe the guy that railed on me was the same guy that got onto Philip, and they just have 1 or 2 bad apples there at TSI. They need to do something about it. Each time they called they gave a little speach about how the call could be monitored or recorded, I sure hope one of his supervisors was monitoring that call, because that guy was WAY out of line. If I did have a debt they were collecting, I wouldn't pay it to somebody who treated me like that. You get catch more flies with honey than vinegar. I realize there are some people out there that need a little kick in the rear, but they didn't even have he right person. At least get your facts straight before you go ape on somebody. But I guess I would be frustrated if I worked for a collection agency too, they are just telemarketers who get paid to be a-holes. But if you hate your job don't make it my problem, go back to school and get a degree so you can get a better one.


I had a similar situation. I was contacted by this Transworld Systems multiple times.

The debt they are collecting is not mine, or of anybody related to me or even know. I've never heard of the guy, and the address and other information they had was not mine, they just had my phone number. A few of the times I explained this they apologized for my time, and were going to look into finding the guy. But last week the collector I spoke to was much more aggressive, yelled at me, called me a liar, and basically told me that he didn't care what I said, I was the person they were trying to contact, and so on.

Threw around some insulting comments, but nothing that's illegal under the rules they have to follow. I mailed them a letter telling them not to contact me anymore, explaining I was not the person they were looking for, and so far I haven't heard anything back. Legally they are allowed to contact me one more time to tell me that they will no longer be contacting me, or they are going to take legal action. Hopefully they get this straightened out.

I don't hate on these agencies for trying to do their job, but that one guy I talked to was really rude and abusive, and I didn't even do anything to deserve it. I don't know if somebody gave them a bad number, or what the deal was, but it's not my fault, and I don't like strangers yelling at me and trying to make me give them a credit card number or bank account to pay off a complete strangers debt.


The collection company, Transworld Systems, Inc. is a franchisee-based business, where sales/profits are based on accounts collected.

So, the rude *** that Mr. A talks to is not really connected to the kind agent Mr. B talks to. People are variable and most are driven by money.

Maybe the rude agent closes more collections than the nice one.

If the rude agent is making money for the franchise owner, who is going to correct him? And since you can never get back in touch with TSI in any real sense, why should they care?


The two comments below are obviously from people from Transworld Systems. You are not alone in your aggravation with this so-called collection agency.

They have no idea on how to handle accounts. My complaints is that this company keeps sending harrassing collection letters (4 till this date) and I HAVE ALREADY PAID!!!! I have called four times and the third time I called I left a message for the manager to call me back on this regard, and I AM STILL WAITING FOR THAT CALL. Ok, for that persons who commented, now what do you have to say to me!!!!!!!!!.

I am a medical records/coder, so I know a thing or two on how these bills should be handled, and the level of difficulty is not that great, SO WHY CAN'T THEY GET IT RIGHT!!!!!!

On Monday I will be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau, and will be taking this legally if necessary. To the person complaining, good luck with your investigation and I hope you are able to make Transworld Systems a distant memory.


Wow, I do not think you two took the time to read what the complaint really was. Seems identity theft is involved... maybe you should take some time to read it again.


You need to take it up with the company that placed you into collections.

1. If you are being called by the collectors, you have gone through 5 demands (around 10-14 days apart) after the 5th demand, you will be contacted by collectors. Why didn't you pay you debt? Secondly, another reason why you are contacted by the CMS service is the company that you owe money to is ticked off enough to send you directly there. The company only gets back %50 percent so your account must be very very old.

Stop *** and moaning about collectors because you're the one owing people money!


Look at notices you may have received prior to the call from Transworld.

The beef you have is with the company you used the services of, not with the collection company whom only receives the information from that company.

Find out what company transworld says you have incurred the debt with and take it up with them.

Pleaes also realize from the company's standpoint they have probably written off the debt that they say you owe, so make sure you speak to the person responsible for sending the debt to Transworld. Hope this helps

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