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Transworld Systems
Main address: 2235 Mercury  Way 95407 Santa Rosa CA
1-888-446-4733, ,
  • 80+4 mobile complaints
  • $12.8K claimed losses
  • $152 average
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  • 4 hours ago
  • Other
  • Collectin Agency
  • 8

They called a said I owed for a lawn care that I have not used in years and was paid for. When i asked for the phone number of the lawn care (since I have not used them in years I didn't have it handy) and they told me they didn't have it only their address (which is a PO box) How can you not have a phone number for a company you are collecting money for ! REALLY ! Well I called the lawn care... Read more

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  • 8 hours ago
  • Collection Agencies
  • Reston, Virginia
  • Debt Collectors
  • 21

I received a bill from Transworld saying that I owed my mother's assisted living facility almost $1,000. What a shock, considering that I have documentation showing that every single bill has been paid in full, on time, since she moved in. I called the facility, and they were shocked, as they ceased all business with Transworld more than a year ago. So how did they get my name, my mother's... Read more

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  • Oct 13
  • Collection Agencies
  • Columbia, South Carolina
  • Collection Notice
  • 1
  • 1
  • 184

I received a Physicians past due notice from Transworld. It claimed I owed some physician an outstanding debt. I am on medicare and have supplemental insurance anything over $20 is not possible. Nowhere on the form do you get an indication of who the Doctor is nor when the event was supposed to take place. I called them and they said it was sent in error. I have requested a letter to this effect.... Read more

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  • Oct 12
  • Professional Services
  • Wrong Information
  • 93

I received a letter saying I owed money but no provider was on the notice. I called and after much discussion was given the name of my GYN practice. I knew this could not be correct so logged into my health insurer subscriber portal page. Found the charge and it was for an entirely different practice and doctor. I had never received a call or late notice re the bill and had no idea it was... Read more

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  • Oct 01
  • Collection Agencies
  • Positive Experience
  • 269

Most people don't make it in direct sales, period. If you were not successful at TSI it is because you didn't W O R K! The opportunity is better than ever, but it requires discipline and self motivation. It requires true commitment.  Perhaps you need a "real job" and are not naturally self motivated? I've been with the company over 25 years with great success. I have many happy clients, and have... Read more

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  • Jul 29
  • Collection Agencies
  • Continuous Calls
  • 1
  • 1
  • 113

Thesepeople keep calling me and when i ask them to identify themselves they hang up on me. When I've called the number they called me from, they refuse to identify themselves or what type of business they are. Read more

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I am paying the debt that I owe on a monthly basis when I call the place that I know they say disregard Transworld but they're sending me this letter threatening my credit what is really going on Add comment


  • Jun 19
  • Collection Agencies
  • Jackson, Mississippi
  • Fee
  • 1
  • 1
  • 827

I owed money for a stress test at my cardiologists office. I was making payments, but my debt aged and the debt was sold to Transworld. I received a letter from Transworld and called them. I talked to a rather pleasant man and offered a monthly payment which he accepted. I thought made a contract when they cashed the check. Next, I talked to a rude woman who said that was not acceptable. They... Read more

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